Hairy Doe Leg great tasting, nutrient-rich natural chew!
Dried Lamb Leg a long lasting treat for all dogs..


•natural and safe.

•long lasting, will take hours for your dog to chomp through these delicious treats.

•packed with goodness and beneficial nutrients.

4 Natural Beef Strips stinky but most dogs love them!!🐾


•natural, healthy treat.

•contains no extra additives.


Bag of Sprats smelly but tasty!🐾


•great treat for puppies.

•low in fat but high in omega 3.

•great training treat.


2 Cow Ears tasty, healthy, long lasting treat for your doggy!


•highly digestible.

•low fat alternative to pigs ears.

•long lasting treat.

2 Pig Ears a delicious, safe and healthy treat for your poochies!

2 Pig Snout a smelly but yummy treat, that all doggies LOVE!


•they are a great source of protein.

•they taste delicious.

•contain essential nutrients that your dog needs in their diet.

3 Chicken Feet a natural, tasty treat for your dogs 🐶 

•known to be naturally rich in glucosamine and chondroitin.

•known to naturally reduce joint pain caused by age or arthritis. **please note, they are not a pain relief. See a vet if your dog is experiencing serious pain or injury**

3 Rabbit Ears (with fur or no fur) are a very tasty treat, yum!


•healthy chew alternative.

•known to be a natural dewormer. **please note they cannot be used as a 100% guaranteed worming treatment**
•help to remove plaque.

•easy digestion.

•high in protein and low in fat.
•delicious snack for between meals.