Hi everyone, welcome to Doggy Delight!

We just wanted to give you a little insight on who we are and why we started this business. We are a small family (myself, my partner and my two poochies) run business based in Manchester, United Kingdom, supplying your poochies with 100% natural, tasty treats. My name is Tara and I am the owner of Doggy Delight. I started this business during the second lockdown in February 2021 because I was having a lot of time off work due to being a teaching assistant and the schools being shut.


Here at Doggy Delight we have two chief executives, which are my very own poochies Nova and Lexi, they both make sure we are providing our customers with the most delicious treats possible. Nova is the main reason I started this business as she is only a puppy and we decided to raw feed her from a pup.  Our oldest executive Lexi (7 years old), loved what her little sister was eating, so we transferred her onto a raw diet also. Due to them now both being on a raw fed diet, I wanted 100% natural treats that were additive FREE. When we realised how much they both loved these treats and how safe, healthy and beneficial they are for the both of them, we just had to share them with all the other beautiful doggies in the world.  


Our small business is growing everyday and we have such an amazing customer base. 

We hope you love what we sell here at Doggy Delight. Please don't forget that we absolutely love seeing your photos/videos so make sure to tag us on our social media pages @doggy.delight_  :Thank you for reading our little story on how we got started and why! Thank you for all the support and love we have already received. It means so much to us! -We are always open for any questions so please drop us a message if you need any help with your order.

Thanks, Tara, Nova and Lexi xoxo

Doggy Delight